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About Us

KBG Design Inc. is a full-service Architectural Interior Design firm located in the South Bay Area, California - specifically San Jose, nestled right in heart of Almaden Valley.

We are in the business of transforming our clients’ homes - inside and out. Whether you are embarking on a new build, addition, or a large-scale reconfiguration + renovation, we have the skillset to create cohesive and functional spaces with livable, effortless style that stand the test of time.


Our custom design solutions range from architectural planning + design, floor plan reconfiguring, renovations, new-construction, permit drawings, all home-related materials procurement, custom furnishings, interior styling, and everything in-between.

KBG Design Team

Our Core Values

KNOW OUR CUSTOMERS.  We provide solutions deeply rooted back to how well we know our clients’ lifestyle.

OBSESS OVER DETAILS.  We take the time to get each step and detail right to save time fixing mistakes later.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.  We earn trust by being empathetic, dependable and (brutally) honest with our clients and partners.

ARE PROACTIVE.  We look around corners to anticipate project needs and to get ahead of potential issues. 

OWN IT.  We step up and take initiative to keep the project moving, and own our misses until we make them right.

Meet the Team

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