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Meet Katelyn Gilmour, President & Principal Designer of KBG Design Inc., a full-service Architectural Interior Design firm.

A California Bay-Area native, Katelyn grew up in Almaden, a suburb of South San Jose, California, and later earned her Bachelor's of Arts degree specifically in interior design in Newport Beach, California. After working almost ten years amongst a few high-end boutique design firms in South Orange County, Katelyn relocated back to her hometown of San Jose to pursue family and to expand her design career and brand.

Katelyn's passion for interior design starts with having a transparent relationship with her clients. She loves learning and understanding how clients live - like, really live. This is a personal process and getting to know each client is integral to designing their home where they will thrive and make lasting memories for years to come. Katelyn understands first-hand what it is like to live through large remodel projects -all while raising her young family. She's also supported countless past clients through their home construction journeys and her empathy for this process runs deep. Katelyn actively listens to each client's need and works diligently to achieve their wish-lists and so much more. It's one thing to design a beautiful space on paper, but something entirely different to ensure these designs are implemented in real-life.  


Katelyn and the KBG Design Inc. team convey their designs through detailed CAD drawings, hand sketching, 3D renderings/modeling, etc. And because surprises on-site are inevitable, Katelyn's creative and strategic problem-solving abilities are quick and effective, which in turn keeps the project's timeline on-track.

See KBG Design Inc's detailed list of services here.

Katelyn Gilmour
10 Fun Facts About Katelyn
  1. LOVES her family and has 3 young children + one fully-grown bonus son

  2. Loves to sing, but hates to perform

  3. Finds painting therapeutic 

  4. Hates mint - yes ALL mint

  5. Favorite color is ORANGE - after-all, "It's the happiest color" according to Frank Sinatra

  6. Favorite food - Mexican - or basically anything you can dip a chip into

  7. Competitive - sometimes a sore loser

  8. Loves to cook! Cooking can be another outlet for creativity... and she never follows a recipe {See Katelyn's own kitchen here}

  9. Loves to garden, but doesn't love spiders

  10. A favorite pastime would be watching a movie with her husband a kiddos while eating homemade pajamas, of course~!

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