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Meet Katelyn Gilmour, the President & Principal Designer of KBG Design Inc, a truly full-service architectural interior design firm.


Katelyn's love of drawing and painting goes back to before she can even remember...and then her fascination of construction began.  She loved seeing how things were built and how material selections came together as one collective piece of art.  Ultimately, she always knew that she would pursue design in some form or another and her love for interiors won.


After pursuing her studies at the prestigious Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach, CA, Katelyn received a Certificate, AA, and BA all in Interior Design.  In parallel with her studies, she immersed herself within the design industry and began working for a high-end residential design firms serving throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Diego County.  Design projects ranged from furnishing a single room to designing and detailing a ten-thousand-square-foot custom homes from the ground-up.  In 2008, Katelyn started her own design business as a 'side gig' and slowly dreamt about what it could be.  In late 2010, Katelyn moved back to the Bay Area for love.  Meanwhile, the effects of the current recession were tangible, but she had the opportunity to develop and design several top-selling products for a well known tile manufacturer, modwalls®.  As the economy recovered, Katelyn joined an established Design-Build company in South Bay as a lead project designer.  It was there that she completed many NARI award-winning projects with fantastic clients and equally skilled trade partners.  With the encouragement of her husband, family, and friends, Katelyn decided to immerse herself fully into her own business.  Now with over 16 years of interior design experience, Katelyn - along with her growing KBG Design team - leads their clients through the daunting process of large-scale home re-designs for all things interior and exterior.

Katelyn's passion for gorgeous residential interiors starts with having a transparent relationship with her clients.  She loves learning how clients currently live so that she can design spaces and, therefore, beautiful homes that will enhance how they will thrive in the future.  Katelyn listens to their clients needs and does her very best to achieve their wish lists and so much more.  It's one thing to design a beautiful space on paper, but something entirely different when the designs are implemented.  Katelyn an her team convey design options with detailed CAD drawings, hand sketching, applicable concept images, and 3D renderings.  The designs become clear for everyone involved:  clients, general contractors, trade partners, and the city (when permitting).  And because surprises on-site are inevitable, Katelyn's creative problem-solving abilities are quick and effective, which in turn keeps the construction timeline on-track.

See KBG Design's detailed list of services here.

Katelyn Gilmour
10 Fun Facts About Katelyn
  1. Loves to sing, but hates to perform

  2. Finds painting therapeutic 

  3. Hates mint - yes ALL mint

  4. Favorite color is ORANGE - afterall, "It's the happiest color" according to Frank Sinatra

  5. Favorite foods - Mexican - basically anything you can dip a chip into

  6. Very competitive - sometimes a sore loser

  7. Feels that cooking can be another outlet for creativity... and never follows a recipe. See Katelyn's kitchen here

  8. Loves to garden, but is terrified of spiders

  9. Has a memorable laugh 

  10. A favorite pastime would be watching a movie with her husband and pajamas, of course

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