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KBG Design Inc. is a full-service architectural interior design firm located in South San Jose, Almaden area. We are in the business of transforming our clients’ homes from concept to completion. Whether it is a new build or a large-scale renovation, we have the skillset to create cohesive and functional spaces with livable, effortless style that stand the test of time.   Whole-house designs include much more than simply having an opinion or picking colors and accessories.  We provide real designs and solutions for new-construction, reconfiguring, renovations, architectural planning, architectural drawings, furnishings, interior styling, and everything in-between.

We are a small but mighty boutique firm that is built on a strong team dynamic, trust and transparency.  We build each other up through direct feedback, rooted in empathy and encouragement.  We celebrate our differences and our successes, but never pass up opportunities to learn how we can improve.  As we grow our team of professionals, we are looking for those with a confident, but humble well-informed voice to bring new ideas to the table, who also ‘walk the walk’ by delivering top-quality results.  We hold ourselves to a high standard because that is what serves both our clients and our business best.  Although we push ourselves incredibly hard for our clients, we thrive in a fun office environment that doesn’t really feel like ‘work.’  While our office functions on a traditional ‘10-5’ work week, we embrace that real life happens outside of the office.  This means we work hard and always get the job done, but support the flexibility needed to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

KBG Design Inc. is looking for a detail-oriented professional to fill the following role on our design team.

Senior Interior Designer



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