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It's a hardware obsession

I have a confession to make to the world; I have a serious obsession with beautiful hardware - particularly cabinet hardware. On the flip side, I also have a serious affliction for hardware that I or most might consider ugly or impractical.

The right hardware can be the perfect addition to beautifully made or even sub-par cabinetry. And on the contrary, ugly or outdated hardware can be the ultimate distraction or make an entire space look dated/old when in fact the cabinetry is more than adequate.

I often tell our clients to relate cabinet hardware to the right jewelry or accessories that completes the perfect outfit (I'd say my female clients relate to this concept more than the men😉). I probably say this weekly, but cabinet hardware does NOT have to match all the other metal finishes in the space! Think of it like mixing up great jewelry - it's arguably more interesting when there is intentional variety.

Besides the aesthetic reasons, I love the functionality of cabinet hardware. Without it, we're left to open said cabinetry with often less than clean hands... yuck. This leads to grimy, chipped, and discolored cabinetry, and who wants that?! Also, I happen to know that hardware extends the life of cabinetry and its finish when used appropriately.

Things to consider or ask yourself when selecting cabinet hardware:

1. What materials, finishes, colors present in the same room as the cabinetry, and what's the general mood of the surrounding space?

2. Scale of the hardware - this is applicable to both knobs and pulls. Hello giant knobs! 🤣

3. What will be the ideal placement of the hardware?

4. Who is going to be using this hardware?

5. If it's for drawers, how heavy will this drawer potentially be? For example, a wide drawer in a kitchen could be quite heavy and might require two hands simultaneously pulling it to open or close.

6. Masculine, feminine or androgynous vibe?

7. Look for at least two different styles in one area, unless it's a small powder bath. For example, do knobs for doors and pulls for drawers...and they do not have to be manufacturer coordinates.

8. Functionally speaking, will this hardware be practical in everyday life?

8. Random/ personal rule of mine; avoid "T" shaped pulls in busy areas like kitchens because they tend to catch loose clothing when you're on the move. I once damaged a beloved sweater of mine because of this T-culprit... RIP sweater.

Here are some examples of what I would consider to be "T" shaped pulls/ knobs. Notice the extensions on the ends that make for the perfect snagger in a busy space, but less busy spaces are totally game-on. (both of these hardware pieces are available through Dering Hall)

As much as I'd like this whole cabinet hardware selection process to be an exact science, it's totally not😆, however, if you ask yourself the above questions during your search, this will help you hone in on the styles that would be appropriate for your space.

Here some of my favorite hardware images from past projects of ours... PS, you can see the spaces in their entirety by clicking on each photo.

Hardware details:  knobs by Anthropologie & pulls by Rejuvenation
Hardware details:  pulls by Anthropologie
Hardware details:  knobs by Anthropologie

Are you currently on the hunt for the perfect hardware?

Last tip for you today, but I highly recommend that you do what my team and I do; we order hardware samples in advance for us and our clients to see/touch/feel IRL (in real life)! Brilliant, right?! Let's face it, there are lots of hardware options out there that look the same in both the $3 and $15+ versions online...and there's a reason for it. It's called, getting what you pay for. The $3 pull is probably made up of some identified metals, super lightweight, and is a human-waste-colored version of the finish you're trying to achieve. I must say, though, that I have been pleasantly surprised in the past by inexpensive hardware being up to par, but it's always good to see them in person before committing $$.

If you too have a hardware obsession, feel free to follow me on Pinterest where I regularly save hardware products for future or current projects. 😀

Happy hardware shopping!

PS... One last thing, I promise, but please let us know if you have any other hardware tips you like to consider. I'm new to this whole blog thing and could be overlooking some seriously good tips here... 😁

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