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Revamping Closet Storage

As someone that LOVE, LOVE, loves built-ins, closets (regular, linen, utility, etc.) have become my new favorite things to make into something built-in while being more functional and beautiful than ever.

Here are some examples where we took a basic closet to the next level; built-in.😍

I'm all about adding character and interest to what would have normally been a basic hallway coat closet:

Bedroom closet upgrade in lieu of a standard bypass doors:

Don't have room for a standard closet? No problem. Here we designed closets built-ins and added a dresser. Why not save space and be oh-so-pretty while doing it?!

This beach house desperately needed storage. Luckily, we were able to steal some space from an adjacent bathroom to make room for an all new hallway linen & surfboard storage plus a landing zone when our clients come in from a day at the beach.

Another beautiful view....

This Laundry & Mud Room utility closet blends right in with its surroundings just perfectly:

We had a spot in this small condo where we managed to sneak in a shallow hallway linen built-in.

Lesson to be learned here; closets are better when they are built-in.😁



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